Sleepers are getting to be more and more popular by the day it seems, and no matter how much they don’t want to take credit, the whole revolution of sleeper cars, boomed after the popular Farm Truck from the bellowed show Street Outlaws hit the TV’s around the world thanks to the Discovery channel.
Far be it that we claim there were no sleeper trucks before him, we all know that there were tons of them, but they seemed to get more popular after the farm truck started appearing on the show and kicked the asses of unexpecting supercar drivers.
Todays vehicle is one fine example of what a sleeper vehicle should look like, with terrible paint, rust all over the place, and a small block Chevy that takes each breath thru two 76mm turbos and has pushed out 890 horses on a dyno run.
Check out this badass sleeper and watch this beast move off the line and down the track.

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